Rescued dog rescued us

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I have always loved watching videos provided by The Dodo on Youtube. It is always a heartfelt and encouraging video of good people helping while giving pets a second chance at life. Well I wanted to share my story about our dog because I feel it is pretty amazing. Yes I will be including pictures.

How we found her

My better half was looking for a dog to keep her company after a surgery procedure while I was at work. So like everyone else, she started looking on Google and Facebook. She came across the website for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. They were having an event promoting adoptions that weekend. So we went expecting to get a small dog. Well that didn’t happen because they were all taken. So we decided to check out the other dogs since we were already there.

We went down each aisle looking at every dog, even the not so friendly ones. There was a lot of cute and friendly dogs from different breeds. We knew that our dog couldn’t be a high energy one so we started narrowing our options. There were a couple of laid back dogs. We had finally got it down to 2 dogs. We asked if we could spend some time with the dogs and see how the dogs were. First dog we spent time with was named Boulder.

He was a friendly dog but he showed a lot of energy. He was good with the kids but started to nip (playfully) at their shoes. We had enough time with him and wanted to see the second dog. Her name is Cheese. She showed a lot of energy too but calmed down after a few minutes and just wanted to be loved. She was awesome with the kids and they loved her too. So we made the decision to adopt her. We found out later that Cheese had also adopted us that day.

Calm, patient and nurturing

Cheese was obviously nervous during the car ride and also when we were finally home. It didn’t take long for her to become comfortable. We have always wondered why she was at the Animal Shelter because it is truly a blessing for us. She helped my better half recover from surgery by comforting and going for walks. Cheese also keeps my better half company while I am at work.

When we have the children over, she gets so excited to see them all. There are too many times where Cheese will let the kids either lay on or next to her. After we all go to bed, Cheese will go from bed to bed multiple times a night to check on the children and us. For a dog that will never have puppies, she has some amazing maternal instincts.

If anyone of us is having a really rough day, Cheese somehow knows and will do her best to comfort that person. If we are lying in bed not feeling good, she will snuggle as close as she can to us. We are so thankful that all the small dogs were taken the day we got Cheese. We are blessed everyday with her in our lives. We may never know exactly who rescued who…

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